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What is Air3 Radio?

We are Stirling University's award-winning student radio station, run by students since 1972. We can offer you your own weekly radio show, podcast, radio drama or music recording. Does it need a microphone and make a sound? We're in.

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If you want to join up, we would recommend joining our private Facebook group. That's where we post updates and members chat around. Once you're a paid member, you can access the locked Members Page on the website that has loads of useful stuff. Click icon to join.

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Make it official! Go to the Stirling Student's Union website and grab a membership. For one £10 fee you get access to our industry-standard equipment, and take part in our exciting plans! Without this, you can't use our equipment - get it quick! Click icon to join.

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We have a wonderful time on social media, and you should join us! Each platform has its own unique content, so you'll never be bored.

Member Reviews

"The one reason I can tell you to join Air3 is because it's unlike anything else you're gonna join at university."
Craig Wright
Sports Journalist, Alumni
"Over my time as a student I've been to three universities, and being part of Air3 and having my show was the greatest thing I've ever done."
Charlene Schickler
"It made me the person I am today. Yeah, Air3 helped me find my voice."
Kieran Daly