Shows & Presenters

Our variety of shows can be found here. And actually, who are the people behind the Air3-voices?

Our flagship Shows

The Air3 Features Show
Mondays 5-7pm
Hosted by: Matthew Roud

Films? TV? Entertainment news? Air3’s Features team has it all and more as they discuss the weekly developments in the world of entertainment.

The Air3 New Music Show
Fridays 5-7pm
Hosted by: Carrie Graham & William Harmar

Air3’s Music team is second to none in letting you know what you should be listening to right now!

The Air3 Sports Show
Thursdays 5-7pm
Hosted by: Harry McArthur & Craig Wright

Commentaries, on the ball sports news coverage and interviews with some of the finest up and coming athletes. Look no further than here to stay in the sporting loop at Air3 Sports.

The Air3 News Show
Tuesdays 5-7pm
Hosted by: Joshua Muirhead

Keep up to date with Air3 Radio’s expert News team, bringing you the best of the best of the current news.


All our Shows

The Harry Mitchell Extravaganza
Mondays 9-11pm
Hosted by: Harry Mitchell, Blair McPake & Ross Batey

It’s about movies, it’s about TV, it’s about radio games, it’s about whatever the hell happens on that particular week. Usually very dumb arguments about very dumb things. But it’s always extravagant.

Craig Wright
Tuesdays 3-5pm
Hosted by: Craig Wright

Global sports news, good music and enjoyable content: Craig Wright is the best Tuesday sports show on student radio in the Stirling area. (Disclaimer: Craig Wright may be the only Tuesday sports show on student radio in the Stirling area.)

Wright Here, Wright Now
Tuesdays 7-9pm
Hosted by: Daniel Wright & Charlotte Dryburgh

A new theme every week, music, ranting, sarcasm, the presenter’s life stories, wider world news, games and guests – This is Wright Here, Wright Now! They have your Tuesday evening sorted!

What the Folk
Wednesdays 1-3pm
Hosted by: Andrew Scorgie

Folk, traditional, Acoustic, Americana, hints of country: What the Folk?! Bring on the banjo and enjoy 2 hours of folk and other music with an expert in this field: Andrew Scorgie knows them all!

The Brig Music Show
Thursdays 11am-1pm
Hosted by: Jamie Harris

2 hours celebrating the best in music, from the best new artists to some cheeky throwbacks for a throwback Thursday. Brig Newspaper’s music section editor’s have made their choices and provide you with a wide variety of music.

Fishbowl & the gang
Thursdays 7-9pm
Hosted by: Morna & Lauren

Pop & indie music + music quizzes + a lot of fun = Fishbowl and the gang! They love radio, you love radio, so you love them!

Reel Talk
Fridays 3-5pm
Hosted by: Dayna Martin

TV shows and movies galore, each week Dayna Martin covers a specific genre and points out her favourite movies or any problems and clichés. Also a plot generator generates a new movie idea on air, every show, every week.

Louder Than Radio
Saturdays 5-7pm
Hosted by: Marc Stewart

Showing off bands and artists from all over the world you probably haven’t heard of. Also hear tracks from others you have heard of, but which never get played on the radio. Marc Stewart got you sorted!

Aylie Fucella
Saturdays 7-9pm
Hosted by: Aylie Fucella

Saturday evening is the time to chill. Aylie Fucella agrees and chills with you: “It’s not anything fancy but it’s a lot of fun.” Aylie loves chattering and music: two ingredients needed for a show.

The Spook Zone
Saturdays 9pm
Hosted by: William Harmar

An hour of horror story reading by one of the warmest voices at Air3, taking stories from Lovecraft, Poe, to the most horrifying corners of the internet! Stay spooked with The Spook Zone – for a good night’s sleep.

Tune Patrol
Sundays 11am-1pm
Hosted by: Éric Berdaguer & Adriana Sanchez

The last day of the week: time for a trip to Spain or France or to the Austrian mountains. Tune Patrol makes sure that you spend the best Sunday of every week, with great music, interesting facts and funny stories for Sunday noon – all with an international spirit.

Music for All
Sundays 1-3pm
Hosted by: Matthew Morrison

A different genre or a different decade of music every week: Music for All definitely matches your taste. In fact, even though Matthew particularly likes the 60’s and 90’s, he loves any genre of music! Make sure to tune in, sing and dance along.

The Tulip & Olive Show
Sundays 7-9pm
Hosted by: Anne Stoop (Tulip) & Irina Nakonechna (Olive)

Culture and lifestyle discussion, advice, banter & chit-chat. You need advice, you have questions or song requests? Make sure to listen to Tulip and Olive! They even accept marriage proposals…