VP Comms. Jamie Grant’s Easter Surprise

Vice-President Communities Jamie Grant has had a pretty successful couple of weeks so far, from winning an election to even winning some money at the bingo. 

With this new found win and Easter being upon us, Grant revealed that he has finally decided to announce his new method of application for the coveted money from the Club Grant.

Grant initially intended to spread the money round the societies via delivering Easter Eggs however made the final decision that the new funding will come in lieu of chocolate this Easter as he, being lactose intolerant, “cannot eat the stuff.”

But Grant isn’t making it easy…


“I thought, in the Easter spirit, it would be good fun to have a scavenger hunt for the grant, it is the fairest way to allocate budget,” Grant stated. “This is an easily accessible and fair way to allocate funds and we have suggested that the University look into it for future funding issues.”

It is not often that Air3 gets a scoop, but Grant decided to share the map first with us as an apology for his mishap at the start of the Autumn semester, in which the Sabbatical Officer accidentally swore on air. This was much to the dismay of Station Manager, Kieran Daly, and this mistake sees him nominated for Wooden Spoon at the Clubs and Societies Awards this coming week. 

Happy Easter and April Fools to you all from Air3.

Thoughts? Opinions? Stipulations?