Stirling Councillor ‘Warned Severely’ Following Racist Tweets

Newly-elected Conservative councillor Robert Davies has received an official warning after it was reported that he had made racist remarks on social media.

A series of tweets from 2013, and another from 2016, show Davies likening Africans to cannibals.

Davies posted a number of photographs of Colonial-era Africa, all captioned with racist comments.

One photograph showed a group of Africans standing next to an aeroplane, with Davies commenting: “In the interests of security keep your loin cloths with you at all times. Spears go in the overhead locker.”

The tweets were found on Davies’ Twitter account by History and Politics student Cameron Archibald.

Archibald, who called the tweets ‘disgusting’, has reported the incident to the police as a hate crime.

Davies has since deleted his account, however screenshots of the tweets are being shared on social media.

The Scottish Conservatives have stated that Davies apologises for his comments, and that he has been ‘warned severely’ by the party.

This revelation comes after his fellow councillor Alastair Majury was censured by the Scottish Conservatives for posting offensive rants on social media.

Both Davies and Majury were elected to Stirling Council on May 4th, and have both faced calls for their resignation.

Stirling SNP council leader Scott Farmer last night condemned the social media activity of both Councillors, stating:

“The recent revelations of Tory Councillor Robert Davies and his racist ramblings must also be put under the same spotlight.

I call on the two Councillors to do the honourable thing and resign from the Council immediately. Racism and hatred have no place representing the decent hard working people of Forth and Endrick or Dunblane and Bridge of Allan.”

Stirling Council have also released a statement, which reads:

“Stirling Council is committed to fairness, dignity and respect for all who live in, work in and visit the Stirling area and that commitment extends to our wider society.

‘We utterly condemn any words, deeds or behaviours which contradict these values.”

Air3 News has approached Councillor Davies for comment.

UPDATE: Davies has now been suspended by the Scottish Conservatives, alongside fellow councillor Alastair Majury.


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