Microsoft: E3 Conference Highlights

Its day 2 of E3 and Microsoft have come straight out the gate swinging with their presentation. A presentation that many fans agree went way better than last year, however, some felt that while the conference was good, it was just very safe. The real question is what was announced?

There was 1st party content announced, like Halo Infinite. A welcome addition to, arguably, Microsoft’s most popular series. There wasn’t any gameplay shown though, so all we can do here is speculate. From the trailer the game looks to be what the original Halo game was intended to be, a strategy game, much in the same vein as the halo wars series of games.

In the beginning of the trailer we see different landscapes and animals. A tent appears on screen suggesting a human presence, we then follow a group of marines, who seem a bit worse off. The camera zooms out to reveal a Spartan in the distance watching. This could be Master Chief. The trailer ends with a reveal of the title and the halo ring. No release date was spotted in the trailer, so it can be assumed that we might be told of a release date during Gamescom later in the year.

The follow up to Halo was a reveal of ‘Sekiro’, a game made by from software the studio that are responsible for the ‘Darksouls’ series of games.

From what was shown Sekiro seems to be set in feudal Japan as you play as a Samuri or Ronin looking character. Although the character you play as has a prosthetic arm by the looks of it. Therefore, it should be set in its own universe, but the arm could present several possibilities. Sword arm maybe?

The game itself has a very similar look to other from software titles, it seems like it will play in way like Darksouls and Bloodborne. Unlike Bloodborne hopefully it isn’t a console exclusive.

Following this Todd Howard, of all people, came on stage. This was a complete surprise as Bethesda had their conference after Microsoft’s. Microsoft really shelled out the cash this time!!!

We were greeted with an announcement trailer for fallout 76. The newest game in the series.

From what was shown at the Microsoft conference, the game seems to take place in West Virginia. As is indicated by the song “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver, which plays throughout the trailer. This game is also said to be a prequel as it takes place before the events of the first game.

A lot of time was taken up by the announcement of three different ‘Gears of War’ games. New to the franchise are a Gears of War pop mobile game, in the likeness of the toys.

After that ‘Gears tactics’ was announced. An RTS game set in the same universe. Apart from that not much else is known about the project at this time.

To cap all the gears new off was the announcement of ‘Gears 5’, but it was only mentioned that the studio were working on it.

A lot of time during Microsoft conference there was talk about the Netflix like system they have called Xbox GamePass and studios that Microsoft studios have recently acquired, like Playground games who make the Forza series of games.

At the very end of the conference just as Phil Spencer was about to walk off we were left with a trailer for ‘Cyberpunk 2077’. A new I.P from CD Project Red. The same studio behind the ‘Witcher’ series.

By Ian Doherty

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