E3 2017: Roundup

With E3 over for another year, the Features Team who covered the different conferences this year have written some short pieces on who’s conference was their favourite and their most anticipated game.

Kieran Daly 

E3 this year was a weird one for me. For the first time since I can remember nothing really stuck out to me as a true winner. EA fell short on gameplay and Microsoft’s new console felt forced and a bit of an insult to gamers how had already splashed out on next generation consoles. If I had to choose a winner this year I’d reluctantly give it to Sony. The amount of console exclusives alone showed something for the gamers, and while not all of them are games I’d play, they all look stunning.

Going into E3 there was only one game I wanted to see, Red Dead. But alas it was nowhere to be found, so my game of E3 has to be A Way Out, EA’s new project in collaboration with Hazelight (the makers of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons). The game was something new and different, a game entirely founded on split screen co-op, played either online or with a friend on the couch. It was a nice surprise to see a brand new developer come out with a game that looked that stunning and it took me back to the days of split screen co-op with my brothers. Not only did we get an awesome story trailer, but we got to see some gameplay too and with a promise of different ways to clear each part of the game, I think I may just end up playing it more than a few times.

Aaron Fincham 

So I’d have to say my favourite was definitely the Nintendo conference. While Ubisoft pulled out some exciting announcements with Beyond Good and Evil 2, overall Nintendo just wins for the number of crowd pleasing games announced.

As for my favourite game that’s hard to say, personally I am not including just announcements or teaser trailers of games we already know. With that in mind I would have to say Wolfenstein 2. The first one was an absolute riot and this one looks to crank it up even further.

Matthew Roud

There’s no doubt in my mind when it comes to my favourite conference, it has to be Ubisoft. While they used a bit too much pre-rendered footage for my liking, they kept it short and sweet, whereas other conferences felt like they dragged on forever (I’m looking at you Microsoft.). The conference itself was a great example of what video games mean to developers and gamers alike. From Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle to Assassins Creed: Origins to the surprise announcement of Beyond Good and Evil 2, the entire conference felt charged with emotion.

With so many great games on show, I struggled to pick a favourite. As a massive fan of the Assassins Creed and the Farcry series I am very excited in the direction that the new games are going. Wolfenstein: The New Order is one of the best FPS games I’ve played in the past couple of years, so the announcement of the sequel has got me super hyped up to get back into that world. My favourite announcement though had to be Metro: Exodus. It was one that I really was not expecting and the first two games are definitely somewhere in my top ten favourite games as the setting and hardcore-survival elements make them so unique. It looks gorgeous and the level of detail in the trailer was amazing. I can’t wait to once again explore the apocalyptic world and run away from monsters I don’t have enough ammo to fight. Sadly I’ll be waiting until next year to play it, but at least I’ve got the first two to keep me occupied until then.

Daniel Wright

My favourite conference of E3 2017 has to be Sonys for sure. It showed off a wide selection of games and focused upon the gameplay as opposed to masses of pre-rendered nonsense, VR or new consoles (cough… MICROSOFT…cough). Spiderman has the potential to be my game of the year when it is released and we saw a huge amount of gameplay from it which any fan should appreciate. Other highlights of the show this year include the reveal of Beyond Good and Evil 2, a remake of Shadow of the Colossus which I considered possibly the finest game ever made, a decent look at Wolfenstein 2 and the announcement Nintendo were working on a new Metroid Prime.

At the other end of the spectrum, the worst parts of E3 were Microsofts never-ending repetition of how amazing and powerful their new Xbox will be and how it’s $499 price tag will be justified, and Bethesda. In spite of Wolfenstein 2 and The Evil Within 2, Bethesdas short conference was the worst E3 has ever seen, consisting of VR, disgusting paid mods and ANOTHER Skyrim release. It seems like Bethesda don’t understand how to let that game die and we all seem to be suffering for it.

E3 was interesting as ever and shows the success of the gaming industry as a whole. Now it just needs to be recognised for the artform it is.

Thoughts? Opinions? Stipulations?