How not to have an E3 Conference. As a gamer, E3 is my favourite time of year. Tons of new games, some fans have been waiting to see for quite some time and others that are just a massive surprise to those at the conference and the millions watching streams of the conference. There’s a […]

Well I hope you like Super Smash Bros. because if you don’t then that’s half an hour you’re never getting back. If you do like Smash Bros. however, then this will have been a fully body erotic massage of hype. Before we dive into that though it must be said that they did talk about […]

It’s E3 time, if you haven’t been keeping up check out our previous articles on Microsoft and EA, but this is Ubisofts turn. This is my first time paying any real attention to E3 beyond watching the trailers, and I’m far behind on gaming consoles, so of course I’ll write about it. The openings to […]

Its day 2 of E3 and Microsoft have come straight out the gate swinging with their presentation. A presentation that many fans agree went way better than last year, however, some felt that while the conference was good, it was just very safe. The real question is what was announced? There was 1st party content […]

Well, here it is folks, E3. The annual gaming conference that is like Christmas for gamers and games journalists alike, as companies show off the games to be released in the coming year or so. The first conference on the schedule: EA. The show kicked off with some sort of 3D hologram snippet from Anthem […]