Wimbledon 2016: A Year of Surprises in Men’s Singles

by Carys Lunn

It has been a fantastic tournament this year with many incredible and unexpected moments. Who would’ve thought that neither Djokovic nor Federer would be making it to this year’s Men’s Wimbledon Final? Canada’s Milos Raonic knocked out Federer in a thrilling semi-final, and went on to face Andy Murray in an explosive final match.

With Murray being the favourite at the top of his game, he secured the victory in straight sets 6-4, 7-6, 7-6. However, Raonic has proven himself a forced to be reckoned with over the course of these last couple of weeks. The final saw him break the record for the fasted serve in the tournament, a whopping 147mph, and amazingly, Murray still managed to win the point. The Scotsman pulled out some powerful serves of his own, and returned Raonic’s beautifully, matching the speed and power. When it mattered Raonic could not break Murray’s serve, although I am certain we shall see great things in the future from the man who held his own against the legend who is Roger Federer.

It has been a year for underdogs all round throughout the tournament. One of the most memorable moments at Wimbledon this year was the amazing story of Marcus Willis, an entirely unknown British player ranked number 772 in the world, who managed to get through to the second round of the tournament, beating the number 54 seed, where he was subsequently knocked out by Federer. Willis stole the hearts of UK fans with his upbeat attitude and humble background as a coach for amateur players. No doubt his explosion in popularity will enable him to become a prolific player in the future.

It is stories like these which make tennis such a fun and unpredictable sport to watch and enjoy, and which gain new fans and keep the magic of Wimbledon alive. An exciting tournament all round.

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