The Return of the Old Firm

This weekend, the League Cup draw gave the football fans and media pundits of Scotland have been salivating over, as Celtic have been pitched against Rangers in the semi-final of the Scottish League Cup. Now this is a match. I’m looking forward to this match as it is a derby match and who doesn’t love one of those. However with the fact it’s been 3 years since the last old firm match -which turned out to be one hell of a damp squib- there are two ways this match could go. 1) Everything runs smoothly and it’s full of light hearted humour and jokes. Or 2) pandemonium, not the level of the 1980 Scottish cup final (the battle of Hampden park). But bampots, can be the death of this match. Each of these teams have a record of idiots that could ruin the day (Celtic: wrecking stadiums. Rangers: letter bombs- need I say more). I seriously hope they don’t and don’t think there will. But I suspect that there will be a venom that will build up over these next few months to the game. I suspect the fans will be at each other’s necks in the ground.

The match on the pitch itself will be predictable, several hard tackles from Scott Brown in the opening 30 seconds on the Rangers strikers. 27 cases of handbags, 2 sending offs. And a dodgy goal. So probably 2-0 to Celtic.

But for me the biggest problem with this match is the fact it is going to over shadow possibly the better of the two fixtures, Aberdeen and Dundee United. This match is going to be the far better of the two games as they are two even teams that is also a rivalry, the standard will be high, the game will be good, and both teams are playing very well at the moment and to make a change to my start of season prediction this should be the runners up and 3rd place of the league.

On the pitch, I don’t know what will happen but I suspect it will be and Aberdeen win, 2-1 after extra time. And Aberdeen to retain the cup they won in dramatic fashion last year.

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