The Gulf Increases

With last year’s three promoted sides occupying the bottom three places in the Premier League table, is this proof that the gulf between the Premier League and the Championship is improving?

QPR, Leicester and Burnley have all showed glimpses of their potential, but a combination of financial inferiority and reduced resources compared to other sides has resulted in them struggling this campaign.

Burnley have the highest proportion of English players in the Premier League. Whilst their high contingent of English players has boosted statistics surrounding the percentage of homegrown players starting games in the league, the quality of these players is nowhere near the standard of their competitors.

Only Danny Ings has scored more than once for Burnley this season, and their lack of depth will most likely come back to haunt them, due to the financial gulf between them and the rest of the league. This financial gulf is a direct result of the inflated TV revenues given to top-flight sides.

Cardiff received £59 million last season (and were relegated), but Burnley received barely a tenth of that amount. As a result of this, Burnley simply cannot afford the kind of players that are needed in modern football to survive, and have had to double their season ticket prices to accommodate for this gulf. This is unfair to the Turf Moor faithful, who have stuck by their team through treacherous times, but the consequences of the ludicrous amounts of TV money handed out are evident, here, with this gulf between the Premier League and Championship.

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