Talk of The Terraces: Best of The Rest

“Talk of The Terraces” co-host Andrew Henderson introduces their “Best of the Rest” feature.

So we at Talk Of The Terraces have started a new feature, looking at who may be the “best of the rest”, acknowledging that Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are head and shoulders above everyone else right now.

We decided to look at each position, and assemble a World XI minus Ronaldo and Messi, but at the same assemble an English Premier League team to see how they would fare too. So far, we have decided on the Goalkeeper and Right back positions.

We both agreed that Manuel Neuer is the best goalkeeper in the world, but when it came down to the Premier League things weren’t as straightforward. We couldn’t decide between Joe Hart and Thibaut Courtois, so we left it up to you to decide via our online poll – and the people went for Courtois.

As for Right-Backs, we found it difficult at times due to an apparent lack of top quality full backs right now. In the end we went for Phillip Lahm for the World 11, and another poll decided on Pablo Zabaleta for the Premier League side.

This week we will be revealing the results of our Centre-Backs poll, as well as moving on to discuss the Left-Back position. We’ve also put a poll up to decide which formation we will play (which will be revealed next semester), but we’re definitely going with a flat four at the back.

You can get involved with the discussions either during the show on Studio Live, 11am-1pm every Saturday, and also by voting in our various polls at, where we are regularly updating the site with brand new football content! And you can even follow us on Twitter @AirTOTT

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