Sport | Stirling put Glasgow in their place | Article

As one of the fiercest rivalries in Scottish sport, a huge battle was expected between the Stirling Clansmen and the Glasgow University Tigers. On a cold and wet Sunday afternoon, the two sides faced off in what should have been a fiery encounter. Yet this was a fresh Clansmen side that, after training for RIDICULOUS amounts of time in preparation, would show no mercy towards their rivals. Combined with vast experience and explosive youth from newcomers, the Clansmen dominated the Tigers by 82-0.

The final result would not have been predicted in the first quarter at all. At the end of the period, both sides remained scoreless following nerves and a few basic mistakes from both sides. After a touchline talk with Coach Andy Maciver, the Clansmen returned to the field determined to break the deadlock. And it wasn’t long until the floodgates opened. Stirling finally broke the deadlock with a standout 30 yard run by Grant Isdale. This then led to two more touchdowns being scored  and set the figures at 21-0 nil going in at halftime.

The next two quarters continued in Stirling’s favour and Glasgow were simply outmatched and out muscled. The Clansmen’s rock solid defence and flying attack proved to be the winning combination and a total of twelve touchdowns were scored by the time the final whistle went.

A stunning performance by the Stirling Clansmen and a very positive motivation for this youthful team as they aim to re assert their dominance within Scotland and improve on last year’s campaign in the UK.

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