FIFA in crisis after Qatar World Cup change

Sepp Blatter and FIFA have come under intense scrutiny after an executive FIFA panel recommended that the 2022 World Cup, held in Qatar, should be held in November and December, rather than summer. The change to a Winter World Cup will cause mass disruption throughout Europe. Hundreds of domestic games will have to be moved to accommodate the World Cup, and such disruption could also see an extended, or crammed season. Premier League boss Richard Scudamore is “disappointed” by the decision to move the World Cup to winter, and European leagues will receive no compensation for this disruption to their domestic campaigns. Some have argued that the shift of dates has contravened the terms and conditions of hosting the World Cup in Qatar. The World Cup was awarded to them on the basis that it would be a summer World Cup (Qatar officials somehow persuaded FIFA that a summer World Cup would be viable), and breaking this has led to calls from some officials to strip Qatar of the World Cup. Whilst it may not come to that, the debate over the Qatar World Cup rumbles on.

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