Features | Book Club | Jane Eyre

This canonical work of literature tells the tale of Jane Eyre, an orphan unloved and ill-treated by her aunt and cousins. After enduring a Dickensian existence at Lowood boarding school for girls Jane finally has a chance at making her own fortune when she takes up a position as a governess for wealthy Mr Rochester’s protégée. But Mr Rochester is a gloomy, mysterious sort of man who quickly wraps Jane up into his dark secrets. As she walks down the altar by his side, the truth must out: Rochester is already married, and has been keeping his lunatic wife locked in his attic.

Jane flees out onto the tempestuous Yorkshire moors where she is rescued by the Rivers family. But her past keeps calling her back — will she ever achieve independence from the men who constantly try to dominate her life? Must she choose between her freedom and her heart’s desires, or can she strike a balance?

Written by Charlotte Brontë nearly two hundred years ago, the story of Jane Eyre still resonates with thousands of women today. It might as well have been written yesterday, so contemporary is it still: Jane Eyre is as much of a feminist heroine today as she was a pioneering fictional character in Brontë’s time.

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