Fallout Shelter Review

by Sam Marsh

With the announcement that the latest instalment in the Fallout franchise on its way later in 2015. One of the major winners of E3 was Bethesda. They also announced at E3 that they where releasing a new Fallout game for iOS and Android devices. I have been playing the version for iOS recently and this is what I have to say about it.

A little background information into my experiences with Fallout…I have none. I have never played a Fallout game and in fact the only game from Bethesda I am sure I have played is Skyrim from one of their other major franchises “The Elder Scrolls” to which I have sunk about 600 hours into, and nearly all of them into a single save. So with no knowledge of the series and history of the games how does Fallout: Shelter stack up?

Pretty good is the answer. There is no direct story of the game. The main goal is to survive and expand your vault to make it more habitable so more people will live in your vault. There are a few ways to make your population rise, you can wait for random events to occur and a random surviver will turn up and want to live in your vault, or you can put a male character and a female character in a room together and give it about 10 minutes the female character will be pregnant.

Gameplay wise the game is heavily resource management, so like a lot of survival games. With the need to keep producing water, food, and power. As your vault grows with the increasing population more resources are needed so it is paramount that more diners, water treatment rooms and generators are built, also more residential areas built to house this population. New rooms are unlocked in a linear progression tree, and they are unlocked by reaching a certain number of people in the vault, who means more resources must be used and produced. Expansion in this game is then needed. Exploration is a big aspect of this game even though you can not see outside the first 20 yards of the wasteland outside. You send Dwellers out and the come back with resources, which relies on their SPECIAL abilities bar which assist with how useful the random number generator in this game is, with unlocked certain room you can improve on each of the aspects however I have not reached this point yet. You also get random events occurring inside the vault, the 3 I have discovered (I am unaware if there are more than this) are fire in the vault, isn’t cockroaches attacking and raiders attempting to kill your dwellers.

The user interface (UI) is pretty basic, which is good as it prevents the screen from being overly confusing as this is designed to be played on a phone or tablet. You collect the resources you have produced by tapping on an icon, moving dwellers a click and drag mechanic.

My one issue with this game is that it is not yet available on Android devices (at time of writing) which I have been told is because it is not finished yet, which remind me of an issue I did have with Skyrim and I am having here also, one version of the game is always unfinished when released, as Skyrim was horribly buggy and we did not get DLC for a long time after Xbox and PC.

Overall I can not recommend this game enough as it is a good time killer, simple and fun. It is free which is what makes it better.   

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