Best of Bond: Villains

Bond’s Away

By Cara Boyle

Let’s just say, when it comes to Bond Villains there are too many to choose from. So, I’m here to help you out and list the top 10 Bond villains of all time! This will include main villains/henchmen only, and is based purely on their evil deeds, creep factor and badassery (you’ll see what I mean…)

  1. Oddjob in Goldfinger

This guy has a steel rim bowler hat and he sliced someone’s head off with it…need I say more?

  1. Francisco Scaramanga in The Man With The Golden Gun

The Man With The Golden Gun, has a henchman called Nick Nack, and an island named after himself. Not bad for an assassin.

  1. Le Chiffre in Casino Royale

Mads Mikkelson is not given enough credit for this role as the dude that cries blood. Kept Bond on his toes the entire film, especially that one card game scene we all know and love. And that creepy stare? Put to total good use later in his career as Hannibal.

  1. Auric Goldfinger in Goldfinger

Kill a Bond girl and cover her in gold paint? Try and kill Bond himself with a laser that moves a millimetre a minute all the while explaining your dastardly plans? Instantly deserves credit for creativity!

  1. May Day in A View To A Kill

Played by Grace Jones, she is one badass secondary villain. The first woman Bond villain to turn good in the end-die-and still kick ass doing it. Also arguably the only villain that could literally beat Bond to a pulp without even trying.

  1. Rosa Klebb in From Russia With Love

It’s refreshing to see a villain who tries to kill Bond completely for revenge and not for world domination like we’ve usually seen. Plus a poisoned knife in her boot? This one definitely meant business.

  1. Mr Big in Live And Let Die

I only mention him purely he blew up like a balloon and exploded at the end of the film. Definitely one of the most ridiculous, but also the funniest villain death ever.

  1. Dr. Julius No in Dr. No

Setting the mould for the typical Bond Villain, Dr No created the perfect tone for the smart, sophisticated, world-domination-and-only-James-Bond-can-stop-me villain. With robotic hands and trying to kill Bond with a poisonous spider, this is the one we always remember as the classic Bond villain.

  1. Ernst Blofeld

He needs no introduction…the most recurring Bond villain EVER, the man behind Spectre and the guy we all remember as kids with the creepy voice casually stroking a cat. “Mr. Bond-I’ve been expecting you” is one of the most classic lines in all of the Bond franchise.

  1.  Raoul Silva

For performance alone, Javier Bardem deserves the No. 1. The creep factor was unreal, and the menacing former MI6 operative turned cyber-terrorist is by far one of the most realistic Bond villains of all time, and also arguably the smartest.

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