Best of Bond: Actors

Which Bond Is Best?

By Cara Boyle

Following the release of Spectre in the Macrobert Theatre, as well as this week’s Feature show, I figured let’s take a look back at all the Bonds that we have loved/hated over the years. This is my personal ranking of each of the seven Bond portrayals based on the storyline of the films they were in, acting quality and (of course!) action sequences.

  1. Pierce Brosnan

If you know me, and you’ve watched a Bond movie with me, then you are guaranteed at some point to hear me explain why I really really didn’t like this Bond era growing up. I had a half mind to not include him in this list at all, with cheesy late 90’s special effects, cringy acting, and honestly, the amount of times that Bond literally could not have survived (tsunami scene, anyone?) Although, I will mention that Judi Dench as M will always be the best character in the Bond franchise ever…

  1. George Lazenby

He only starred in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and based on that movie alone I can say that Bond was really suffering following Sean Connery’s departure, and we are all thankful he came back for Diamonds Are Forever

  1. Timothy Dalton

Performance wise, he is not the strongest Bond, however he completely makes up for it in my mind for his role in Penny Dreadful (if you haven’t seen it trust me it’s worth looking into!) He did bring a really dark element to Bond, instead of the previous wise-cracking ladies’ man we know and love, so it was nice to see a different side to this character after 16 films, especially in License to Kill.

  1. Daniel Craig

I know, I know! You wanted Craig to be the No. 1 Bond, well hang on a minute and let me tell you why he’s only No. 3 on my list. We can all agree that Craig does an amazing job, especially in his debut as Bond in Casino Royale and let’s not forget Skyfall. However, Quantum of Solace was by far one of my least favourite Bond films of all time, right down with Pierce Brosnan. There was no need for it, and to this day I still don’t entirely understand the plot. So, while I will give credit where it’s due and say that Daniel Craig is a fantastic Bond, only two of his films really showed that (three if you’ve seen Spectre!).

  1. Roger Moore

Starring in a whopping 7 Bond films from 1973-1985, Roger Moore was the Bond I watched the most often growing up. Out of all of Roger Moore’s films, Live And Let Die is the one that comes to mind as my favourite (Bond vs the crocodiles is one of my favourite scenes!), and we’re going to completely ignore the “Bond goes into Space” disaster that was Moonraker. Overall, Roger Moore is the actor who stepped up the Bond films following Sean Connery’s retirement from the role, and he did a great job.

  1.  Sean Connery

You saw it coming from a mile away…yes my No. 1 James Bond has to be the original! Dr No. is the greatest Bond film of all time in my opinion, and Sean Connery completely owned the role and made it the franchise it is today. Even watching his movies back now you can see the actors that followed him had a solid performance to base their portrayals of Bond on. Although each portrayal of Bond was slightly different, none came even close to Sean Connery.

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