Aftermath: The Internet’s Reaction to Brazil’s Pumping

After perhaps the darkest day in Brazil’s footballing history the internet fired up photoshop and twitter to add insult to injury. To celebrate the plethora of funny jokes, tweets and pictures we have decided to gather the best ones and post them here.

The game attracted over 35.6 million tweets, a record for a single sports game.  

Here is a really cool map that shows when and where the tweets were tweeted.

Along with the tweets and vines there were many great comments  about the game across the internet.

“The most embarrassing semi since I watched Brokeback mountain with my Dad”

                                                                       – Toastyy on Reddit

“That was like watching your best friend who recently lost an arm trying to butter toast for the first time. Heartbreaking, but you have to let him do it himself, and he’s just breaking down in front of you.”

                                                                                          – Capytannhook on Reddit

“C’mon guys, enough with the Bra71L jokes.”

                                                                               -TCFF on Daily Mail

“Brazil have to make a facebook apology now”

                                                                          – Lewis on facebook

And to finish it off here are some pictures.

But hey, Brazil can still get 3rd place!   

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