Sport | Stirling Albion vs Montrose | Report

After failing to win a league game since August the Binos managed to pull of a convincing win against Montrose with a dominant performance.
In front of the 481 person crowd attending the fixture the Binos opened the scoring with a lethal Chris Smith header in the 2nd minute. However this lead was quickly stopped by Montrose striker Brian Deasley who launched a wonderful low strike past the keeper. The second half saw the Binos become the more dominant side with goals from both Jordan White and impact sub Sandy Cunningham.

The standout player from Montrose was Brian Deasley who not only scored Montrose’s only goal but also was consistent in finding space within the box. However, due to his height he was unable to challenge any crosses that came his way. His opposite number Chris Smith was Albion’s best player. He managed to lead the stellar defensive effort being strong in tackles and clearing every ball that came his way. On top of that he managed to score the early goal, which out Albion on track for their dominate performance. Youngster Sandy Cunningham once again proved that he is a rising star with a wonderful hard fought performance that lead to a beautiful goal.

The game was extremely physical at points with some players getting lucky by walking away with just a warning. There were plenty of beastly tackles from both sides, which was probably in part due to the slick pitch.. Yellow cards were shown in the second half with five being dished out all together. Binos player Phillip Johnston was lucky to walk away un-carded with two extremely questionable incidents taking place that involved him. The first included harsh language directed at the referee and the second involved a bit of a physical confrontation with a Montrose player. He was lucky to walk away un-punished.

Passing was sloppy on both sides, possibly due to the wet playing surface with Montrose often whipping in long balls to no one in particular. The game was mostly fought in the air and at one point there was a total of roughly 7 touches before the ball touched the ground.

Overall the game was a good performance from both sides but Albion had the stamina to dominate the last half. This game is certainly a massive confidence booster for the team as they leaped up the table by 6 places putting them in 3rd place. If they continue to play with such passion and aggression they will continue to soar up the table and into possible promotion.

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