Sport | Is dominance in sport boring? | Opinion

For anyone who has watched F1 at some point in the last four years, chances are Sebastian Vettel was leading the race, after winning his fourth successive Drivers Championship Vettel once again raised his hand with the one finger raised. When asked about Vettel’s victory British Driver Lewis Hamilton said “I feel for the fans because I remember watching when Michael Schumacher was winning, I remember watching the start, going to sleep, then waking up when it ended because I already knew what would happen. I am pretty sure a lot of people were doing that today. At least in my family there were!” Hamilton has come under a lot of criticism for effectively calling Vettel boring. This was not the first time there has been some disapproval at Vettel’s domination of the sport after another flawless victory earlier on in the season Vettel was booed on the podium. After the treatment which Vettel has received simply because he his is by far in the way the best at his sport, it got me thinking to whether dominance in sport is boring?
When I began thinking about this the first person that came to mind was Usain Bolt, Bolt has dominated sprinting since 2008 yet however is adored by fans and idolised around the world. When comparing Vettel to Bolt one thing that is a major difference between the two, Vettel tends seems quite serious and focused whereas Bolt exudes charisma changing Sprinting from a serious and tense affair into a much more exciting occasion. Therefore I believe that dominance in sport is only boring if you do not like the person or team that if being dominant.
Another example of this is in football Manchester United have dominated the Premiership since it started in 1992 winning 13 of 21 titles. And this has lead to a craze of ABU (Anyone but United) fans, again this is simply a case that because Manchester United have been dominant but not popular with a lot of people they have become hated for winning.
There has also been a similar case in boxing, like Bolt Muhammad Ali was extremely charismatic with this flamboyant style and famous interview rhymes, Ali has gone down as a boxing a sporting legend. However Floyd Mayweather Jr, who is seen by many as the greatest pound for pound fighter of all time; yet because of his style and attitude he is hated by many which has lead to thousands of people in America tuning in to watch his fights in the hope that he loses.
Although has much as you can like some a certain sports star and love it when they are dominant, these are not the moments which we remember sports for. Instead you remember the moments of tension and excitement, moments such as Hamilton’s driver championship victory on the last corner, Johnny Wilkinson’s last minute drop kick to win England the 2003 Rugby Union World Cup against Australia and Sergio Aguero’s injury time goal to win the Premier League. These moments are the reasons why we love sport.

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