Features | We’re the Millers | Review

Small time drug dealer David Burke (Jason Sudeikis) is forced by his boss to smuggle a ‘smidge’ of marijuana from Mexico to Colorado in order to settle a debt. He decides the best way to smuggle the weed across the heavily secured border is to team up with stripper Rose (Jennifer Aniston), gutter punk Casey (Emma Roberts) and socially awkward teenager Kenny (Will Poulter). Together they form the god loving all American family, the Millers. Along the way they must avoid getting caught by both the authorities and the Mexican drug cartel after the ‘smidge’ of weed turns out to be bigger than they thought.

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber who also directed Dodgeball and Easy A it follows the same style of being a good comedy. It is laugh out loud with some amazing jokes and some great on screen chemistry. Jennifer Aniston as usual shows she is the queen of movie comedy nailing every joke and transitioning seamlessly from stripper to typical ‘mom’. Jason Sudeikis is one of the new leading men on Hollywood so you might not be familiar with his work. He also plays both roles superbly being extremely likeable as both a low level drug dealer and an American father. However the stand out performance is British actor Will Poulter who nails the loveable dork role to a tee.

While the film is definitely funny there is some missing potential. Some jokes outstay with welcome and seem to try too hard at being ‘out there’ but this is the type of film where the jokes don’t matter. It is the small pieces of dialogue characters have to each other when they, for a moment, break the Miller façade.

Overall this isn’t a comedy that is breaking ground. While it expected more from it in parts it did do what it intended to do, it made me laugh. I wasn’t in stiches but I did have a good giggle which is enough for a comedy. As Hollywood comedies go this year, this is the best one. It is worth a watch, just maybe not at the cinema.

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