Since we are in the festive season, I feel it’s only fair that we talk about the music we are going to be hearing for the next month or so. Ready for the worst songs you will be hearing over and over while last minute shopping?


Since 2012, Australian cricket have found themselves struggling in Test cricket both home and away. Being whitewashed in Sri Lanka (2016) and in India in 2012/13, two series losses in the Ashes away to England Series, defeats to Pakistan in the UAE (2014/15) rank as just some of the lowlights. With only a series against […]

Bethesda Back At It By Xavier Hatfield This week saw one of the gaming annual calendars biggest events take place. That’s right, E3 has come again with its usual plethora of upcoming games, DLCs and features. What a weekend it has been for gamers! The Bethesda conference, or BE3, kicked off on the 13th with […]

30 Years of Entertainment By Tom Wadsworth Ubisoft have come to E3 prepared to celebrate their 30th birthday. For 30 years now the company has been a big player in the games industry, with many major titles under its belt, but lately the company’s reputation seems to have sunk a little. Games like Assassin’s Creed […]

A Good Start? by Matthew Roud The Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3 to you and me) has just kicked off this weekend with the EA Play press conference. The conference kicked off with a statement from Electronic Arts (EA) CEO Andrew Wilson in which he thanked the audience for their enthusiasm and explained that while […]

By Craig Wright Once in a while, you come across a film where the story and the cast are both outstanding. This year, that film is Spotlight. One of the frontrunners for this year’s Academy Award for Best Picture, Spotlight charts the work of the Boston Globe’s investigative journalism team as they look to expose […]